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Because health and fitness are funny things. There are so many choices out there for you to choose from, how the heck are you going to decide what to do next on your fitness journey? I bet you see challenge after challenge and post after post about challenges you should do: pushup challenge, squat challenge, core challenge, love challenge (oohh la laaaa!)...how do you know what to do?

Me! ME!
I can help!

I’ve created a membership group for people who want to be challenged in a different way AND who want to be held accountable to getting it done!


This isn’t a typical fitness challenge group! I want to challenge you in more ways than just burpees. I want you to remember sleep, nutrition, self-care, kindness...

How does it work?

Easy! Once you become a member, I’ll send you access to an app that has everything you need! Every Sunday, 5 new challenges will be released. Complete the challenge, earn points, get rewarded! It’s that simple!


In the app you’ll find:

•  Weekly instructions.
•  Weekly prep cards outlining what equipment (if any) you will need)
•  5 new challenges every week
•  Daily accountability check-ins
•  Your profile and points
•  A leaderboard for everyone in the group
•  ...and a few other surprises!
I want to challenge you in all aspects of your life.
...and everything in between.
Here’s what you’re going to get with a
Weekly challenges:

You’ll never know what you’re going to get. Some weeks with be a mix of nutrition, workouts and self-care, others we will focus on one area, no week will ever be the same! But you can rest assured because you have PhD in Exercise Physiology dreaming them up...so you’re in safe, safe hands.

Members of Choose your own FITventure (CYOF) are really, really good at holding you accountable. If you have a fitness, nutrition or self-care goal...we’re going to help you achieve it. Why? Because we genuinely care about you. We want you to succeed. We’ll be your biggest fan.
Any time I release a new program or host an event, you can bet your sweet CYOF buns that my crew will get first crack at trying things out AND receive a discount! I love loyalty and I treat my crew right. Wine, anyone?
As you complete your weekly challenges, you earn points. You’ll be able to see all of your points in the app we use and see when you’ll next be rewarded. Rewards are unlocked when you reach a certain points level...and maybe, just maybe...we have some surprise rewards that unlock at unexpected times!
I’m not just a shmo off the street throwing challenges at you. I use my PhD in exercise physiology to create fun, effective and engaging challenge.

Fitness challenges!

Nutrition challenges!

Hydration challenges!

Self-care challenges!

Pay-it-forward challenges!

And more fun as I think of it! Ha!

If you want to challenge your health and fitness in a new and completely different and fun way... if you want to become a part of an incredible community of supportive people... Choose Your Own Fitventure membership is for you!

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About Lindsay:

Brought up wearing legwarmers. Lover of all things fitness. Horrible at sports. Mama to the coolest two kids on the planet (yes, they are). PhD. in Exercise Physiology. Mental Health Awareness Warrior. Peanut butter cup addict. White wine drinker extraordinaire. Silly. Quirky. Smart. Dedicated. Driven. Most likely your biggest fan. That pretty much sums me up...ta daaaa!


Questions? Fire away!
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indsay@lindsaygee.ca and I’ll respond as soon as possible!

It’s time to commit! It’s time for you to become a member Choose Your Own Fitventure and really learn what it feels like to live life on a full tank. GAH! YOU CAN FEEL SO GOOD and I truly want to help you feel that way!

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